A well-educated mind will always have more questions than answers.


-Helen Keller

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First Hands Health was founded by a family physician with the mission of helping individuals find a higher state of wellness. 

It often takes a multi-faceted approach to achieve this which can be facilitated through a symphony of medical and lifestyle changes which include physical, nutritional, social, and emotional components.


The diversity inherent in the facets of these changes is what sets you up for long-term success in any goal (s) you have: weight management, better sleep, improving symptoms of a chronic illness, or even reversing those conditions in some cases. Yes, it is possible!


First Hands Health began as an osteopathic manual medicine and therapeutic massage practice, using the power of touch to treat chronic pain. When a global pandemic changed the landscape resulting in increased health risk for all involved, we pivoted but remain committed to helping patients and clients achieve optimal health by offering accurate, evidence-based information built on years of medical training and scientific research experience, including the extensive study of anatomy and physiology, and a passion for lifestyle medicine. Seize the opportunity to educate and empower yourself to make the right changes that will better your life and that of those around you.