Medicine Meets Massage

First Hands Health was founded by a family physician with the mission of helping you find a higher state of wellness. After all, if you feel well, your family, coworkers, and everyone around you benefits. We believe it takes a multi-faceted approach to achieve this. A core principle of FHH is to use the power of touch in conjunction with other medical, physical, social, emotional or nutritional measures you may be taking.   


At First Hands Health, our primary focus is treating discomfort or pain associated with chronic illness, many of which include neurological or neuromuscular diseases.  Treatments are tailored to the specific needs of the clients which may include physical symptoms and also emotional ones such as stress, anxiety, and depression. Using years of medical training and extensive study of anatomy and physiology, your needs will be met with first hand experience and professionalism.

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osteopathic manipulative medicine

prenatal/postpartum massage

post-operative/rehabilitative massage

cranio-sacral therapy

myofascial technique

swedish massage

trigger point treatment

lymphatic drainage


why people love first hands health...

Chai is amazing! She's very knowledgable, knows what she's doing.  Highly recommended.

M.Y., Germantown, MD, age 44, works second shift in school security

One of the best massages I've ever had...

K.D., Arlington, VA, age 34, mom to 1,  26 weeks pregnant, nurse

I have recurring pain in my lower back and shoulder/neck and some really painful leg cramps that have started showing up.  I've tried a bunch of different things from medication to physical therapy to yoga and they all kind of work but nothing seems to give me any lasting relief.  I've even tried massage but it hadn't helped.  A friend of mine recommended I see Chai and I decided to give it a try.  About 15 minutes into my first session with her I was hooked.  She has this amazing sense of where the right spots are and is not afraid to apply pressure to those areas.  I got instant relief in my leg and shoulder and improvement in my lower back.  Best of all, it lasted more than just a few hours.  I've seen her twice now and the second time she gave me some advice on how to improve my posture and build my strength to avoid this pain in the future.  Chai clearly understands the body and the stresses that us moms put on ourselves to create all these problems and she also has the tools to make things better.

K.S., Falls Church, VA, age 56, office manager

I had so much tension going into the session after a stressful few months of finishing my dissertation and taking care of my kids and home.  I had a job interview after my massage and was hoping to relax.  Chai took all the tension out of my neck and shoulders and made me feel like a new person.  I cannot thank her enough!

A.B., Arlington, VA, age 35, mom of 2 young kids, full-time PhD candidate in political science

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